New album & CBC Searchlight

Heyooo friends!

I am loving spring time so far. More walks outside, tulips on my coffee table and excitement for new projects and dreams. I am so glad that in Canada we get the four seasons. As much as I gripe about winter (kinda feel sorry for the cashiers at grocery stores who have put up with my weather talk), it makes the beauty of spring that much more beautiful :)

Here are some exciting things that are happening with me! I just released my new album, HEART!
You can buy it HERE. You have all been so supportive with all your comments and plays! Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

I'm also an artist in the CBC Searchlight! This is a nationwide contest for "the hunt for Canada's best new artist". It all depends on how many votes you get as an artist, and I'm not sure how many votes I have so far, but I do know that you guys are so wonderful and have made me feel happy on a daily basis with all of your support and sweet words! 
If you haven't voted yet, you can vote every day at this link: CBC Searchlight

We are also looking forward to playing some really fun shows this May! 
Check out my LIVE page to see when and where it's going down :)

Thanks for reading my li'l bloggy post! I hope you all get to soak up the loveliness of spring and until next time...
Lots of love!
Elsa Jayne