"they found her wrapped in gold. flower crown ‘round her head, fair to behold."

these are lyrics from a new song i have just written.
i’ve had a great night, a great week! i’ve been really inspired lately. this past wednesday i was lucky enough to see loreena mckennitt, a woman who’s music has influenced me creatively and has shaped my imagination. i have my dad to thank for playing her music when i was quite young.

her songs sound like they are from another time. they bring up wonder and her stories are enchanting. this element of story is what struck me after her concert. to write a song that includes a linear type storyline is really neat to listen to, so i maybe…consciously/unconsciously took this path in my new song.
once i started writing i realized where this influence came from and i’m so delighted it was from loreena! listen to one of my favourite albums of hers here!

welp, i am excited for this new l’il song and i’m excited to play it for you all soon :)
lots of love,
elsa jayne