Studio Day 1

Big news friends! We’re recording and couldn’t be happier. 
Right now we’re working on releasing a single for y’all to enjoy which will be part of our upcoming EP! 
March 20th we tracked keys and vocals and let me tell you there is nothing more satisfying than hearing your work come to fruition. Prior to coming into the studio we had already tracked our own beats and midi parts, making the in-studio process really easy. We are super happy with how it turned out.
Get ready for a whole lotta synth-pop comin your way!

The way we came about settling on Eric (DSP Studio Engineering) was a thing of magic. I was already in awe of his extensive knowledge on everything music-tech related, as he often gave Graeme and I pointers when we visited our local music store. But finding out that he had his own studio was just a dream. He is the most humble and kind man you’ll ever meet and he just “gets” it. The three of us click style-wise and we’re all so pumped to bring you guys a great album!

Throughout the recording process I’ll be making little posts like this, I hope you enjoy! 

Lots of love, 
Elsa Jayne