Studio Day 5

This past session should be called The Attack of The Apple Cider Vinegar…
And here’s WHY.
I’ve come to appreciate the many natural remedies that our recording engineer, Eric has up his sleeves. ie) lemon and cayenne pepper to ward off oncoming sicknesses, oil of oregano under the tongue, and… apple cider vinegar for congestion. So when Graeme and Eric heard a bit of phlegm (gross word) pop up in my vocal track, Eric ran to the kitchen and brought me back this huge glass of ACV/water. 

"This will help!"   HE SAID.
"The after taste is like sweet apple juice!"   …HE SAID.  

I was such a hero and downed that drink like nobody’s business. 
I may have even let out a very exquisite belch afterwards.
Did it help with congestion? Yes. Did my stomach feel like a really bad rave was happening inside and did Eric have to get me some bread to counteract the ACV? YES! ;)


But all in all, I was a happy camper. With bread in my belly I sang the remaining harmonies and it was another great recording session.
So when the EP comes out, listen to “Flowers” and you just might hear that “interesting texture” in the harmonies. 
It really is a special song and I know you guys will love it!

Happy Easter!
Lots of love, Elsa Jayne